The Beginning

Honestly, I have no clue as to what I am actually doing but here goes nothing. I am a twenty year old girl struggling to love myself just like any other person. I have been through some things most haven't, but I have also been blessed enough to not go through things that others have. [...]


An Explanation

It is midnight and I am yet again sleepless for the second night in a row, not that I get much sleep at night these days anyways. I have decided to apply for school at Texas Woman's University, pending acceptance I will go there next fall. What I desire is to be home next semester, [...]

Stop Blaming Yourself

Guilt. It's something we feel when we've done something wrong and we know that it was wrong. But the most agitating thing is feeling guilty, when it wasn't your fault. I don't mean the instance where you did something wrong, yet deny that you did. I mean those times that you couldn't have changed a [...]

Starting Out

I am not a writer. I have never been good at writing in fact. But sometimes when I feel alone I find myself thinking that maybe writing will help. Like most women in this generation I tend to struggle with image issues. I always tend to find myself never liking a single thing I wear, [...]

Dear Dad

December 10, 2016 Dear Dad, Should I even still call you dad? You may have given DNA material to create me but what really makes a person a dad? The DNA or the action? You were in my life 13 years before you let the drugs take over and take you from me. Maybe thirteen [...]